It's a Deal

Those who will:
1. put on the whole armor of God, and
2. devote some time every day to:
a. meditation and prayer, and to
b. the study of the Scriptures

1. be connected with heaven,
2. have a saving, transforming influence upon those around them,
3. have great thoughts, noble aspirations, and clear perceptions of truth and duty to God;
6. will be yearning for purity, for light, for love, for all the graces of heavenly birth;
7. their earnest prayers will enter into that within the veil;
8. they will have a sanctified boldness to come into the presence of the Infinite One;
9. they will feel that heaven's light and glories are for them, and
10. they will become refined, elevated, ennobled by this intimate acquaintance with God.

Such is the privilege of true Christians!

Testimonies v. 5, 112–113



Why Creation Matters

The biblical doctrine of Creation (first things) and the biblical doctrine of Eschatology (last things) are the bookends that anchor the central (or “the center of”) biblical doctrine, Christology. With either bookend missing, the grand doctrine of soteriology (how we are saved) falls, and with it Adventism as a biblically-driven movement.
I dare you to read this and tell me there can be such a thing as an "Adventist Evolutionist!"