Brief Update

Ok, so as you might have already figured out, I'm not at camp anymore. I'm currently back at Southern trying to juggle clubs, jobs, orchestra, various other responsibilities, not to mention 19 hours of classes. So, while I must admit that I'm shamelessly excusing my obvious lack of posting activity with the aforementioned activities, I feel certain you will agree that they are rather important excuses.
As for camp this summer, it was pretty much amazing. I saw God working quite literally in the lives of the kids I was privileged to get to know at camp--and it was AWESOME! If you haven't gotten the opportunity to share the incredibly good news of of the Gospel with somebody before, let me tell you, it's probably the coolest thing you'll ever do!
So that's life, hopefully I can find a moment in the near future to detail some stuff.....if Barry will stop giving me so much work in the SA office! :P
Thanks for tuning in to this brief update. Now, back to you....


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  1. Joel! yay for an update! (Just because I'm your sister doesn't mean that i don't enjoy updates even though hopefully i'm already updated) and yes, you do spend quite an absurd amount of time in that SA office. The SA gnome had better get busy leaving you presents. :)


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