As I was eating my peanut-butter and guava sauce-covered plank and
drinking tea with fresh squeezed lemon and wild honey this morning, I
suddenly realized what day it was. Thursday, August 28--the first day
of classes at Southern. Wow. For the past three years this was one of
the biggest days of the year. And if I really want to get nostalgic,
this is the first time I haven't been starting school now for 10
years. That's slightly discomforting. I guess it's because after all
these years, I had the routine pretty much figured out. Move into
your room. Get your books. Meet up with old friends. Figure out
where your classes were.

This time, I have no relevant points of reference. I don't know
what's going to happen. I don't see old friends everywhere. I don't
recognize my surroundings. I don't have my comfortable old room 1318,
A-wing, Talge Hall. My roommate is thousands of miles away. My
family is even further away.

But my God is here.

Many of you are probably starting school today. It's stressful--I
know, and I'm praying for you. Many of you are not; perhaps you have
settled into a comfortable routine, perhaps you're in the same
situation I'm in. But wherever you are,




  1. Your presence is missed. Bible Study will be on Tuesday night at 7. We'll be praying for you!

  2. Thursday the 28th? Isn't that a coincidence...that's first day of classes here too.

  3. Thank you for the encouragement!
    Orchestra is much bigger... different. Woodworking is exciting!

    Miss you

  4. Mmmm room 1318 good memories oh well. I hope your doing well roomate, and I'll see you again soon :).

  5. Thanks for this post, Joel. It's good to be remembered, and you're remembered too. I look forward to hearing of your experiences in Ethiopia, and I'm keeping you and the others in my prayers. God bless. :D

  6. Hey Joel, I understand what you mean! I've been a little school-sick myself. Thinking of their first Sabbath, hymn-sing, etc. etc.! I know that we will have great experiences in the Mission field, though! God bless!!


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