Educate Truth

Check it out - quality website about the La Sierra evolution controversy.



  1. I was perusing incoming links to EducateTruth.com and came across your website. Thank you for the "quality" qualifier. It sounds like you're a student. Where do you go to school?

  2. I am a student at Southern Adventist University, and I really appreciated the respectful tone of your website. You've provided a forum to discuss an important issue, and so far it appears that you've managed to do so without resorting to ad hominem attacks or extremism, and I really respect that. Thank you!

  3. Thank you. I can't say the same for the commenters on the site. For months I've debated what to do, and finally, today, I decided that having the comment feature was no longer a positive feature for the website.

    I'll get some back lash for it, but I'm the only one running the site and I don't have time to monitor comments 24/7. And I don't want just any comment on there.

    I was a student at Southern. It was one of my favorite schools. I've been to quite a few.

    So are students at SAU aware of this controversy?


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