Darkness at Noon


I just read Darkness at Noon by Arthur Koestler, and when I finished the last sentence, I wept.

Never has the philosophy of the world seemed so utterly dark, and never has the truth of Jesus shone so brightly.

I resolve to make my life count; to live and die pursuing the only worthy objective in the world.

Life must have meaning, else all is darkness.



  1. inalterably and necessarily true

  2. I will definitely look for that book. We are so privelaged to have the Sun of Righteousness shining in our lives.

  3. Just as there may be darkness at noon - the greatest light often comes at midnight.

    For in the thickest darkness, whether derived from ruthlessness or ignorance, even the smallest flickering light has the capacity to ignite life in dead hearts.

    May God make my life to be a light such as this.

  4. Barry, I can't wait to have some deep discussions with you on this topic over Christmas break!

    Petra, I wouldn't necessarily recommend the book--it's pretty dark. I appreciated the clarity of contrast it provided.

    Caitlin, that's a profound paradox. Thank God for making it true.


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