I have a theory

Feelings (preferences, mood) should stem from logical actions--not the other way around.





  1. I agree. But unfortunately, I don't always follow.

  2. Cut and Paste Christy's comment here.

  3. I would agree only if our logical actions stem from our faith in the revelation of the character of God. We do not experience life in the perfect reality of a world not manipulated by Satan. Our faith in the scriptural representation of God is the only thing that can overcome our flawed reasoning and emotions. Christ's actions stemmed from faith.

    "Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known."
    1 Corinthians 13:12

  4. Only a 'T' would even think such a thought...... but even T's down deep don't always follow. Logic can be a helpful friend to those who struggle with feelings. Just don't ignore your gut.

  5. Two things first: your mother's opening line made me smile :) and it's really interesting to see how the 'T's and 'F's responded to this question.

    I mostly agree, though probably I follow even less often than John or Christy. My only hesitation to fully agree is that I'm not completely convinced that it is a cause and effect relationship, especially when you link feelings with such differing definitions as mood and preferences. I would have to say that yes, mood ought to stem from logical actions. Preferences, I don't necessarily think so; not if you're speaking of preferences in the sense of personality preferences.

  6. Jackie, what is faith, except logical action? "Faith without works is dead!"
    I agree that sometimes following Jesus might not make sense, but if we choose to do so anyway, we're still making a decision based on a reasoned faith that He knows best, and that someday we will understand.

    Kristin, the extent to which our feelings, preferences, and opinions stem from our habits and biology is astounding. For instance, it has been demonstrated that if I get up every morning at 5:00 and force myself to study, or run, or whatever, regardless of feelings, in a relatively short time, my feelings and preferences will come around to match my habits. I will soon feel wrong if I don't exercise or study or whatever. Likewise with our taste buds. My point is, we should not simply make decisions based on our feelings, but should evaluate them clear-mindedly, choose the healthiest course, act upon it, and then wait for our feelings to follow.

    And yes, I understand how impossible this may seem to an F--I actually think it's ultimately impossible for everyone without surrendering your will to Jesus.

    I wrote this blog for my own sake--I needed the encouragement. Don't assume that because I can say this, I live it!

  7. Ok, I have two questions for you: What is your definition of logic? How would one relate logic to the Cross?

    I do realize those are hefty questions ;) I wouldn't say that faith is a completely illogical thing. I would say it is a balance between feeling and logic. The Holy Spirit speaks to us in ways that we can understand. Some human's strength isn't logic and reasoning. Could it be that feeling and logic were made to be complimentary in order to bring out the best in each?

  8. I wholeheartedly agree with your point. Though, I wouldn't say it seems impossible to an F; maybe to some F personalities. Especially because I wouldn't be willing to generalize and say that all Fs make decisions based on/influenced by emotions/feelings.

    I guess I was not necessarily limiting preferences to feelings in my consideration, which is the scope of your question. So yes, I suppose I agree with your statement.

  9. I guess I would feel comfortable using the dictionary definition of logical as being "characterized by clear, sound reasoning." I believe that "righteousness and justice are the foundation of God's throne" and that justice is eminently logical. Hence, I believe God is a God of logic. I have to believe that all of His actions are the result of clear, sound reasoning. I certainly do not understand them all, but isn't that what eternity is for? However you do raise a valid point about faith and feeling. See my next blog :)


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