Sailing Faster than the Wind! (Updated)

This article details the story of a wind-powered vehicle that traveled straight downwind at 2.8x the speed of the wind! It's hard for me to wrap my mind around the idea, but their physics check out, apparently!

Here's the official site.
God's physics continues to amaze me



  1. really interesting! I think it would be more convicing if they showed meters in the corner of the video that showed actual wind speed and the velocity of the vehicle.
    I wonder how weight factors into the equation...

  2. Levers, propellers, and wind are amazing things, but it seems that gravity and resistance might have their say. It seems like this all might have an application in clean energy production.

  3. I read the article and I thought I was convinced by the explanation, but I was still flabbergasted by how that thing accelerated into a headwind! I'm sure there are myriad possibilities for engineering applications... Now to think of some...

  4. I thought you'd like this, Johonn :)
    I've since updated the post to link to a different article and the official site, and include a working picture.


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