Written 3.11.2010

Today we returned from Eyera Adventist Vocational Academy (about 30
miles from Karika, where we've been staying) on the motorbike this
morning and then worked on Julius's house until sunset. Tomorrow we
raise the roof!

I celebrated by taking a splash shower with <u>heated</u> water under
the stars, adding some brought-from-home barbecue sauce to my beans at
supper, and savoring a biscuit dipped in wild honey for dessert. Now
I'm in the truck writing this blog on my laptop, listening to the
soaring melodies of Johannes Ockeghem's Requiem before retiring to my
sleeping pad under the mango trees in a few minutes.

It's been a lovely birthday:) Thank you, Lord!

And thanks to everyone who sent me birthday notes as well :)



  1. Happy birthday, Joel!
    Judging from personal experiences abroad, hot water is probably how I'd have celebrated as well.
    Wild honey sounds good, too.. :-)

  2. Joel! I am glad that you had a splendid birthday- may you have many, many more!

  3. Happy Birthday! Young'sta! Way to go taking your annual shower!


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