Discoveries at the Asian Market

Today Grammy and I visited the Asian market. In addition to our regular purchases (veggie meat and produce) we each got something new to try, something we'd never had before. Grammy got a small can ofmelon-flavored milk. Turns out it was carbonated melon milk. Interesting.

I got a jar of pickled lemongrass. Very interesting. Anybody have a good recipe that uses pickled lemongrass? (Emily?)



  1. I love pickles and I love lemongrass, but have never tried pickled lemongrass. Have fun experimenting with it!

  2. I think it would work well with this: http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/sandwich/recipe-bnh-m-with-lemongrass-tofu-097407

    Or try it in a stir fry :)

  3. Thanks Christy, I might try that. I also found a nice green curry recipe. I'll let you know what I find out.

  4. I never imagined someone would pickle lemongrass! But I know that lemongrass tea (as my aunt Sueli makes it in Brazil) is absolutely my favorite tea ever :) And I love the smell of it fresh.

  5. Updates. The best way to describe the taste is that it's kind of like canned ginger with a slight lemon scent. So far the most successful use has been served over string beans. :)


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