The Ambulance Down in the Valley


Have you ever read this little poem? Somehow I missed it when Teddy first posted it, but upon reading it today, I was really struck by the potency of the concepts it sets forth. There are a number of applications; in healthcare, in education, in the political arena, in humanitarian work, and perhaps most importantly in the spiritual realm.

God's prohibitions are fences. We often look at the Law as a constraint, as if there was a plethora of delights kept just out of reach on the other side of the fence, when in reality, it's meant to keep us from plunging off a dangerous cliff. More than that, I think we too easily succumb to a false feeling of claustrophobia, adopting the spurious notion that God's Law locks us into a narrowly enclosed pasture to keep us "safe." If we could just climb above the fog of the world, I think the view would look a little more like a vast garden, with a fence around one of the trees. . .



  1. I hadn't thought of that in the humanitarian/mission application before.... good topic for contemplation.


  2. That's an awesome poem! I love the rhythm and applications :-) Thanks for sharing, Joel. How silly we humans are sometimes.

  3. Good thoughts, Joel. Hope that school is going well for you. Even without Nana, you are in my prayers. Hope to see you when we get to the southland sometime the end of October, Lord willing.



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