New Friends

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Emily Knott and Jacob Gibbs. I also got to spend a little bit of time with DJ and Jodie Knott, missionaries with GMI in Guyana. Jodie, I hope you don't mind me sharing this, but something you said really impacted me. You were talking about what it's like in Guyana, and how you've been spending a lot of time fixing airplanes. You said something to the effect of, "but I don't mind, because I love working with DJ! There's nothing I'd rather do."

Now, I don't know very much about airplane repair, but I have a feeling that there are few things that have the potential to be more frustrating than trying to maintain and fix airplanes with insufficient parts, tools, and funds, in the humid jungles of Guyana. From my limited experience, I know that tempers have a tendency to rise and patience quickly strained when trying to diagnose and repair troublesome mechanical problems, even in the best of conditions. Add in the fact that spending long hours in close working conditions with someone (especially a spouse, from whom you can't escape at the end of the day) tends to magnify their quirks into grating emotional hot spots, and it seems like this would be a recipe for disaster.

But if I heard you right, fixing planes with DJ is not only bearable, it's enjoyable! To me, that says more about his character, and your spirit, than a thousand lines of poetry. God is evident in your relationship with each other, and with others.

Photo Credit: Matt Barclay
DJ, Jodie--thank you for the inspiration to let Christ live more fully in my heart.



  1. I am so glad you were able to meet them Joel! I too am inspired at every opportunity to spend time with them.

  2. I agree! Meeting Jodi and D.J. was one of the highlights of my whole weekend!

  3. Ditto :) I wish I could spend some more time with them, and hopefully I will get to when they come to TN for a bit. It was also really nice to see old friends that weekend as well :)


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