Getting an Education in Babylon: Seven Principles for Success


This is a study I put together for our ACF group at the beginning of the school year. I ran across it recently, and thought I would share it. Many of us are starting a new semester, and sometimes it's always good to be reminded of God's principles for academic success.

These ideas are based on Daniel 1; 2:20-30; 6:1-10
  1.  Trials are going to come. Knowing this,  purpose ahead of time not to dishonor God.
  2.  Be mindful of the link between physical and mental health.
  3. Understand the ultimate source of academic success - as well as its purpose.
  4. Be friendly. You don't know how God will use your relationships with others to be a blessing to them and to you!
  5. Make it a habit to be honest. It's the little things that determine character.
  6. Complete your responsibilities with diligence. It will distinguish you, honor God, and give you an opportunity to witness.
  7. Set aside time for regular prayer and bible study.  Be faithful, even in stressful situations!



  1. These are very good. I'm glad you posted them. If only you could post a recording of your talk too! :)

  2. I'm glad they were a blessing :) These are just my notes for a Bible study that we did, so unfortunately, no recording.


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