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I'm adding a resource page. This page will basically be a place for me to store the text of news items I find interesting, as well as facilitating any discussion that happens to spring from the reading thereof. If you're interested in seeing what interests me, feel free to check in from time to time. Think of it as kind of my personal Drudge Report :)



A Puzzle

Can you tell me where this is?
If you figure it out, then I'll post the second part of the puzzle.


My First Ultra

On Sunday, Christy, Barry, and I participated in the 4th annual Pineland Farms Trail Challenge, in the 25k, 50 mile, and 50k races, respectively. Amazingly enough, we were all able to finish (although I had had my doubts, considering that I'd sprained my ankle pretty badly five days prior to the race), and even do decently well. The human body is quite an amazing creation!

The course consisted of a 15.5 mile loop through woods and fields--quite a scenic trail. Barry started his 50 miles, or a little over three loops at 6:00 am, I started the two loop, 50k race at 8:00 am, and Christy ran the 25k loop once, starting at 10:00 am. The weather was about perfect, in the 60s and overcast most of the time, gradually turning into a drizzle, and then a decent rainstorm around 12:30, with the sun reappearing around 2:30.

Christy finished strongly in 2 hours 22 minutes, with a 9:10 mile pace, I staggered across the finish line about an hour later for a total time of 5 hours 20 minutes and a 10:20 pace, and Barry cruised across the finish line after a grueling 10 hours and 40 minutes, to finish 50 miles at an average pace of 12:49 per mile.

Although during the race I made several firm promises to myself never to attempt such a foolish venture again, I've since decided that it really was quite satisfying to run that far, and perhaps I I could even do better with more training. And that silver cowbell is pretty cool! Thanks to the Howes for their hospitality, Barry for your inspiration, and Christy for helping me walk back to the car!



Simple Abundance

I was motivated to write this post after looking at your blogs and thinking, "I wish they would update their blogs more often!" . . . .

Well, I'm home now. I haven't had any trouble adjusting really. In a sense, it's like I just woke up from a nine-month-long dream. I can still drive American-style. I wasn't swamped by the overwhelming swell of people at Southern's graduation (although there were a few moments of terror right at the beginning of the weekend!) And I've figured out what to do on the internet other than just checking my email (read people's blogs on the no-longer-blocked blogspot!)

Here at home I've been busy catching up on books I haven't seen in a while, chatting with my friends, and working around the house. I've definitely enjoyed using reliable internet, being able to pick up the phone and call most anybody, and eating a huge variety of delicious food. But something inside me has changed.

One of the things I've learned from my time in Gimbie is that more isn't always more. I actually kind of miss the slow, spotty internet (more time with real people) and the simplicity and joy of having plain food most of the time (it really made the weekends, when we cooked for ourselves, more enjoyable.) Sometimes excessive variety can get monotonous.

I want my life to be simple, because I think that's when it's truly abundant.


P.S. Have suggestions about how to live life simply? Let me know!

A Few Farewell Photos

Gamachis and Mulisa (Assistants Extraordinaires)

Woginesh and Birassa (Accounting Clerk and Purchasing Officer)

Jonah and a Big Red Ball

Keressa (Head of Pharmacy)

Mark Squires (COO)

Pink and Orange Flowers

Tadese (Head Cashier)

Jirata and Damaqa

Sister Consuela and Sister Susie