Away Message

Flight canceled, flight found; trip delayed, trip is a go. God is good.

We leave tomorrow at 3:00 am and should be back in approximately eight days--Lord willing.

Thank you all--your support has been uplifting and overwhelming. Please continue to pray for us!



Sign of the Times


Quote from 25 Feb. NY Times article, Watch How You Hold that Crayon, by Peg Tyre

In Manhattan, the brutally competitive nursery and kindergarten admissions process is leading many parents to sign up their toddlers for therapy. “Preschool admissions tests loom large,” said Margie Becker-Lewin, an occupational therapist on the Upper West Side.

Preschool admissions tests?!? Sounds like the parents are the ones who need the therapy!



Wedding Questions?

So as most of you probably already know, my sister is getting married in June. I just found out pretty recently myself, so if you didn't know, that's okay :) Anyway, if you're interested, I just found
this interesting website on which you can ask them such intriguing questions such as:

"If someone offered to pay you and Barry $100 for every day you delayed your wedding, what would you do?"

Wouldn't you like to know that? :)

Congrats Christy and Barry, and I'm looking forward to playing you-know-who's canon at your wedding :P

This is the earliest picture I could find of Christy and Barry together. See, she's already piqued his interest.