In case you're interested, here are some of my latest musical and literary acquisitions :)

Music I've been listening to recently:

Books on my shelf:

Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945 by Tony Judt

Planet Narnia by Michael Ward

Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation by Bede

A Brief History of the Paradox by Roy Sorenson

1066: The Year of Conquest by David Howarth

Lord, Save My Church by Richard O'Ffill



  1. Mmmmmm! Pretty music!

    And you weren't just a'kiddin' when you said that you'd be posting more blogs.

  2. I'm quite jealous of a certain book on your shelf :) I hope you're able to enjoy your books more now that you're done with your small book of term papers.

  3. What wonderful music! :)
    It's rather funny, I think I might be familiar with a few of those selections... ;) wonder why?


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