Today marks a very important milestone in my life. I have successfully completed my final report for Business Communications (20 pgs), my ethanol position paper for Ethical, Social, and Legal Environment of Business (13 pgs), my semester project for Principles of Management (10 pgs), and as of 10:40 a.m., my research paper on the life and influence of the Venerable Bede for Historiography (16 pgs).

So what does this mean for you, faithful reader? Well, simply that I will have less of an excuse for not posting anything on my blog, and if you reside within zip code 37315, you will be seeing a bit more of me. And for my roommate, it means that I might finally clean up my side of the room, as well as ceasing to get up at unearthly hours :)

To everyone out there who is still toiling away at your word processors, carry on! The end is attainable.



  1. heehee! yaaayyy!!! I'll get to see you! well, ..., maybe not.

    and my side of the room has yet to be cleaned up as well. just ask caitlin...

    love you. i'm sure all those papers turned out absolutely splendiferous!

  2. I don't know how much I will get to see you 'till camp starts but I look forward to seeing a post form you from time to time - your posting seems to be like my brother checking his email - every other leap year (and sometimes he misses a few)

  3. Excelsior surely fits your quality of achievement only it should be expressed in all caps---EXCELSIOR. Now, for Pete's sake please shut your eyes and allow the Lord to give you some sleep !!!

  4. hmmm a clean half of the room an interesting proposition.

  5. Yay! Joel :)
    Parabens pra voce'!

    I guess this post explains the privilege of eating breakfast with you this morning ;)

    it is an interesting proposition, a motivating one I hope ;)
    hehe, when do I get to see you?

  6. Lol! I love the picture! and I'm also glad that you finally have a lot of stress off of your back.


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