Musings On Saddam Hussein's Demise by J. Van Ornam

Hey guys, just to let you know, these are not my thoughts, but I thought they were so profound, I wanted to share them with a wider audience. Do yourself a favor and check this article out. I'll be interested in reading your reactions.


  1. Firstly, Let me just say that I've only just started taking my Middle Eastern P & H class but already I have a vastly altered view on Islam and the Muslim society.
    Second, Jon did an excellent job of conveying how God views them different then the majority of us as well. He's not mad at the extremists of Islam or, for that matter, the extremists of Christianity. To Him, each one of them is simply another lost soul who has gotten bogged down in Satan's traps.
    I love how Jon conveyed the joy God has just because of our existence and how passionate He is about our salvation. What a God we serve!

  2. Great idea Joel! I'm glad I got to think through those thoughts again, they are beautifully deep... I miss Jon... what do you think about a reverse underground railroad? You know, one that goes South! We could smuggle Jon.... just random idea :)

  3. Haha :) He could hide in a carpet bag :P

  4. I like that idea! Can I be like a modern Harriet Tubman and hide him away?

  5. Both Hitler and Stalin were capable of great personal tenderness, and I'm sure Saddam was no exception. But if you make Saddam Hussein human, then you must admit some pretty scary things about humanity, and especially yourself. That's why everybody hates Saddam. Such blindess is why we find it so difficult to fall at the foot of the cross.

  6. Because we think somehow we're better. If he could be saved, then we deserve higher wages, to paraphrase the workers in the vineyard...

  7. Yes.
    We simply don't want to admit how terrible we are. In my own special way, I'm just as bad as Hitler.

    That is, until we fall at the foot of the cross!


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