There seems to be an inverse relationship between the nearness of exams and the necessity of studying and the peculiar urge to do anything but study. If Y is the necessity of studying and X is the nearness of exams, then a graph of Y vs X might look something like the following:

This is readily evident from the utter lack of utility in this post. Oh well, I suppose I shall slip my neck back into Agamemnon's strap of fate. Fare thee well.


  1. For me, studying right before exams is a lost cause. I've either paid attention and know what is going on, or haven't and am sunk. Law school exams are typically endurance tests, so I try to rest my mind before hand...

  2. Well, fortunately (or unfortunately) I'm still in classes for which it is possible to cram. Admittedly, this is easier/more effective if I've been paying attention in class.

    Howes do seem to have the most admirable study habits. I really should learn a lesson from you guys!

  3. Lol. This is absolutely hilarious! I know exactly what you mean...hence the reason that I am reading this blog. I should be studying for my British lit exam right now...bye :)

  4. I have already finished my exams for this semester but can completely understand the feeling... I think what we need now is to see a graph studying over the whole semester (including the little spikes indicating various other tests and quizzes, and papers)

  5. :D I particularly enjoyed the units you used to convey the likelihood of you studying.
    Oh, and it's Agamemnon's strap of Fate ;) Trust me, that's one of the examples from the book that I had to use to argue my point.

  6. hmmm... I wish this didn't apply, but with boards staring me in the face in the near future...

    Actually I've just been baking, gigling, running, doing music, repeat...

    it's obnoxiously difficult to study during Christmas break...

    Nathan ran 10 miles this morning, you guys should run together sometime :) He wants to do the triathalon next year.

    Lavish Chestnut with petting for me :)

  7. Haha, I love that table! It is SO true!


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