Why I Like Mornings

Jonathan Gerrans, Fall '07.

I like the morning because it’s when the Sun shows up. Everything is dark at first—dark and quiet. Then a bird trills, and you realize that the landscape has begun to brighten. More birds begin to sing and there’s this overwhelming sense of excitement. You can almost smell the expectancy in the air.

Suddenly, it happens. A ray of light only eight and a half minutes old streaks over the hill and crashes straight into your face. The moment when the when the door of darkness cracks open and the brightness beams through is the most glorious experience of the day—maybe even of the century. You realize that you have been waiting for this moment all your life without even knowing it. The day is born, the world is new, and you were there to see it happen!

And then your roommate’s alarm goes off and fluorescent light sprays across the room; you remember that you have a test today and a paper to write, and that you really ought to fold your laundry. But somehow, the prospective is not as dreary as it should be. Because it’s morning and the Sun showed up.


  1. Thanks to God for for new mornings.

  2. The dawn chorus. Few things are more exquisite!

  3. I like the way you wrote this!

    It's so true, though I haven't been privileged to see many sunrises since I'm much more of a night person. But nonetheless, sunsets are also gorgeous to watch and make me feel at peace with the world and comfortable going to sleep, knowing that God is still in control. :)

  4. This post stemmed from a 6:40 am discussion with my roommate about the merits of nighttime versus daytime. I wouldn't have written it down except I was scrambling to come up with something to turn in for expository writing. :)

  5. I particularly enjoyed your closing line(s). There have been quite a few days that have ended with me reminding myself that everything will look brighter in the morning. And I have yet to find a morning that contradicts me :) Even if the sun isn't shining.

  6. It'll be nice after daylight savings time ends. Then the Sun will be coming up even sooner!


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