Why Creation Matters

The biblical doctrine of Creation (first things) and the biblical doctrine of Eschatology (last things) are the bookends that anchor the central (or “the center of”) biblical doctrine, Christology. With either bookend missing, the grand doctrine of soteriology (how we are saved) falls, and with it Adventism as a biblically-driven movement.
I dare you to read this and tell me there can be such a thing as an "Adventist Evolutionist!"



  1. Theistic Evolution makes a lot more sense in popular Christian culture than it does in Adventism. It might seem that those who hold such beliefs should part with the Adventist church, but there are many things to be gained from Adventist culture long after the doctrinal ties have been severed.

    After all, vegetarian is in, everyone needs rest days, and a little private school education is good for the kids.

  2. Oh Dorinda - I don't know you, but what weighty, true words. This "cultural" thing is so bad...it gets me sad.

    Anyway, Joely - mum, dads and I read this article (is it an article? I don't know what else to call it) together tonight and we thought it was very good. Great points, and well put. That whole theory just wrecks everything! Thanks for giving it your recommendation.

  3. I think you've put your finger on it, Dorinda. I guess the problem I see is when cultural adherents start to fundamentally shift the direction of the church. Who defines what "Adventism" is? That's the critical question.

    Glad your family appreciated it, Elissa :)

  4. That is an excellent article! I have maintained from the beginning that evolutionism and Adventism are diabolically opposed! It is amazing that anyone calling themselves an Adventist could even remotely entertain the idea of evolution!

    God bless and thanks for posting. Yvonne Eller

  5. Why are you pushing ancient mythology on your website? Christianity, like all religions, is nothing more than ancient mythology, written thousands of years ago by members of a primitive culture. If you'd been born in India, you'd be pushing Hinduism, if you'd been born in the Middle East, you'd be pushing Islam. Where you're born determines which mythology you subscribe to more than any other factor. You're indoctrinated practically from birth to believe in you're culture's mythology. Use logic, reason and objectivity instead of blindly accepting archaic mythology and you'll understand that.

  6. The simple answer is because I believe Christianity to be true. But allow me to elaborate.

    In regard to your first point, I agree that Christianity has ancient origins--but did it originate in the minds of ancient humans or is its source the Ancient of Days? I believe there is compelling evidence that the latter is true.

    I completely agree with your second point; that one should not presume that what one grows up believing is implicitly true. You are right--people do generally adopt the prevailing beliefs of their parents/geographic location/culture. It is also true that the various cultures have beliefs that are inconsistent with one another, and thus it follows that some of these beliefs must be false. Statistically, the odds that any one person's inculcated beliefs are true are slim. Therefore, honest truth-seekers have a duty to investigate the foundations of their beliefs. (And the need for thoroughness increases with the consequences of being wrong.)

    So far in the course of my investigation (and I certainly do not claim to have arrived at all the answers), I have come down on the side of believing in Christianity. Confirmation bias? Perhaps, but who wouldn't want to believe in a Being who knows you completely, yet still loves you completely; who can speak worlds into existence, yet gives each sentient creature the gift of free will. Statistically unlikely? Perhaps, but if indeed true, than I have an undeniable duty to use any and every means available to share that truth with those who haven't had the opportunities I've had.


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