New Housemates

As some of you may know, my housing situation was recently upended. Fortunately I was able to find another place close by with two friends from church.

Things were starting to settle down again, but then last Sabbath I came home to discover that my friends had invited two more people to live with us! I'm all for hospitality, and it was their house, but I couldn't help but wonder if adding two new folks at the same time wasn't a bit excessive.

I wasn't too sure about this whole plan, and greeted my new housemates with a bit of apprehension.

My concern only increased as time went on, for several reasons (I'm sure you'll be able to empathize). First, our new residents seem a bit anti-social. I mean, they haven't said one word to me since they've arrived. Sometimes they even make faces at me, and once or twice they've actually started howling in response to my attempts to be friendly.

Second, they have rather strange habits, lolling about all day and disturbing the peace at night. 

They don't seem to get very much exercise (they haven't gone running with me yet, even though I've invited them), and they're always snacking on something. (It's a wonder we haven't run out of food, the way they go through it!) And I'm not even going to mention their personal hygiene...

Looking on the bright side, people have been very friendly since they've come to live with us. Yesterday my friends and I invited them to come to church with us, and you should have seen how welcoming everyone was! People have even been bringing food and clothes over for them, and the kids have at least been kind enough to share some with me (food, not clothes).

And to be honest, though they are a bit odd at times, they do have a way of growing on you :) 

Anyway, that's the scoop on my new housemates. If you stop by and visit sometime, I'll introduce you to Jonathan and Rachel (if they're awake) :)



  1. Oh boy! That is exciting! Living with newborn twins will be an adventure (to say the least:) but oh so very much fun. I have no clue how you will be able to study. :)

  2. Yay! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I want to meet them! I love the ones of them on the couch! I hope they can be best friends like Joel and Christy :)

  3. They're even cuter in person :) It was really good to see you this past week! Happy studying and twin-holding :)

  4. Yeah, it can be difficult to focus on my books sometimes--usually because of superseding interest rather than inability. Say, Emily, you're an old hand at this--can I consult you if I have any questions? :)

    It was nice to see you guys too. Glad you managed to fit in a visit! Christy, you're welcome to drop by as well :)

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