Pecan-Stuffed Acorn Squash and Other Matters...

I think this is probably going to be kind of rough at first, because I don't have a whole lot, well any, experience blogging. But, i've been motivated by the Howes' stellar examples to start recording a random sampling of my thoughts and experiences. (My statistics professor would be proud of me...)

Today the orchestra took a relatively quick excursion to Georgia Cumberland Academy to perform a few selections from our repetoire for the past semester. I foolishly postponed some much needed polishing-up of said selections and so I'm afraid my contributions to this concert tended to be in places of a rather discordant nature. However the trip was not a complete loss for at least two reason. First, I ate some delicious candied pecan-stuffed acorn squash, and second, I was able to have two very enlightening conversations with Barry Howe. We discussed a wide variety of topics, ranging from his thoughts on rationality and presuppositions and how they relate to different musical traditions, to how to turn SAU into the premier college in the country. It was an ecclectic conversation to say the least!

It's a times like this when I tend towards introspection. Will the activities I'm dedicating my time to mean anything in the future, when I'm faced with eternity? Am I merely completeing the minimum amount of work necessary to get an A on my next test, trying to figure out how to do more things that benefit ME?

Humans too often wallow in selfishness, and I'm afraid I'm no exception. Too many times in the past, I've made my decisions based on temporal reasons and I regret that. But thanks to the grace of God, each day provides another opportunity to refocus my priorities. To quote Jon Foreman's paraphrase of Augustine (yes, I plan to read Confessions at some point, but currently I'm working on City of God), "There's got to be something more than what I'm living for. I'm crying out to You...I'm looking for the grace of God today."


Pecan-stuffed Acorn Squash


  1. Hey Joel,
    I'm Paul, Barry's big brother. I'm glad you've had some quality discussions with Barry. On one notable road trip, Barry and I argued about the spiritual implications of Aesthetics from Maine to Maryland.
    Read Augustine!

  2. nice blog man...those acorn squash were good!

  3. Wow paul, i'm impressed that you managed to find my blog so fast!
    One of the benefits about conversations with barry is that they definitely make the time (and the miles) seem less tiresome!

  4. I finally took the time to actually read your first post...My previous comment seems rather shallow, shall we say. I do appreciate the thought-provoking comments you provided us in your post.

  5. I'm flattered.

    We are afraid of infinent vastness, of consuming fire, power, and extrarational love. Such fear is wholesome. It's the antidote to the spiritual curse of our day--"really really nice christianity".
    Instead, let us jump into the ultimate outback of the spiritual universe and serve up some dangerous Christianity!

  6. Reading this blog and it's comments makes me smile! I read it to Barry in one of his study breaks. Who knew the twists and turns life would take... :) :)

    I'm working on a header for your blog!


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