Pictures from Camp

I decided to put up a few pictures of summer activities:)

About to take Bekah on a super-cool-awesome boat ride!

Bet you can't guess what I'm doing in this picture... :)

My parents and I on top of St. Regis Mountain

Sailing! (very little wind this trip:-/)

Other activities included climbing high peaks, windsurfing, fort-building, skiing (only aquatic-style, sorry), caving, canoing, the new sport of upside-down-standing-up kayaking, trailriding, loon-listening, and star-gazing :D


  1. Good to see some life on your blog fellow upside-down-standing-up kayaker too bad you will never be able to join me CDing :)

  2. aww! joel, it's the french people! and guess what I saw go by yesterday? A red and black air nautique!

  3. you know, did we even get any pictures of the two of us over the summer? This is a very sorry state of things!

  4. you do not respond very well to your blogs. i hope you found a home for your cookie.


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