Moments of Clarity

(photo by Jonathan Gerrans)

I've come up for a breath of air, pushing aside Aeschylus, Churchill, and Copland, dodging Bok's globules and avoiding those pesky exculpatory clauses. It's too easy to lose oneself in the flood of information pouring into our skulls during this fleeting period of time called college. I'm afraid I've missed some priceless opportunities in my mad acquisition of letters and numbers--but I am grateful for what I haven't missed

Sitting in my orange-plaid recliner, listening to Thomas Tallis' Spem In Alium while cutting out felts
Taking time to go to the dulcimer concert, and the organ concert, and the other organ concert:)
Talking with a friend I haven't seen in months
Walking down the promenade in the fall sunshine with Emeric and having the kind of conversation one can only have with a five-year old
Making gargantuan sub sandwichs out of three feet of french bread, two tomatoes, an onion, some sprouts, rosemary basil cheese, and some pickles!
Getting to talk with and learn from Mr. Lampart at the nursing home
Working in the garden and getting to sample the arugula:)
Cutting out snowflakes and coloring with the kids in kindergarten Sabbath School
Singing until I can't sing any more at hymnsing

I'm learning to treasure these little things--moments that do little toward getting my homework done or accomplishing my to-do list, learning that piece for orchestra or clearing off the stack of bills on my desk at work. Yes, there are many important things I must do, but. . .

I'm thankful for the moments of singular beauty that God sprinkles throughout our days.



  1. Joel,

    It is in those moments of clarity that my vision is enhanced to look at the stack of bills. My perspective changes - purpose is given to life. And the hand of the One who gives me moments of clarity, who gives me my very life, continues guiding me to a better understanding of His love.

  2. Thanks for reminding me to savor the beautiful little times in life. I have to keep my sanity somehow! :)

  3. o excelsior.

    you are probably aware of the multiple uses of the word "excelsior", which the mind of google just brought to my attention.

    1. Excelsior diamond: a famous diamond, once the largest known.
    2. Excelsior: "an Aspen-fiber material similar to wood shavings, used for packaging and for stuffing Teddy Bears, and for cooling pads in evaporative air conditioners"
    3. "Project Excelsior, a high-altitude skydiving project in the 1950s"
    4. "Excélsior, a newspaper published in Mexico City"
    5. "“Excelsior!” the official motto of New York State, from the state seal."


  4. Great post. I liked the mention of 5-year-old conversations. They're my favorite, and often produce moments of exceptional clarity

  5. mmmm....

    i think that your list should include talks with your favorite sister :)

  6. Ahh.. fond memories. I need to take a moment to collect some and savor their pleasant fragrances.

    BTW, why is Christen invisible?

  7. Wonderfully put! I totally agree.


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